Monday, June 1, 2009

Working is Good

Just wanted to put up a quick post mentioning a few things going on in my life. Item one, I am on the Facebook. Item 2, I saw "Up","drag me to Hell" and "High Fidelity" all on the same day! Item 3 I am working hard and having a great time, I just finished off a silly little animation of a pig pooping money for its only three
that site was set up by my girl friend's brother, who is currently in New york city getting ready to shoot his indie motion picture this summer.
Item 4, I want to do more with Superback... but I find it hard to get to the writing, which I feel is important to nail down before I start drawing it. I also want to do more Superback animation but have not really had the time I would need to make it stellar!!
Item 5, I feel I need to make more money as my talents have increased I am finding myself unable to accomplish the volumes of work I would like to be doing without assistance and that requires capital... I need to figure this out but I am sure I will. I'm creative after all! Da cartoons has been in desperate need of attention and I wish we had been better equipped to update and produce animation on a constant basis over the last two years but our commitment to quality and lack of funding makes it nearly impossible to do anything but let the site sit... for now.
Item 6, I don't know I am rambling but I do want to try to get a video game off the ground more on this later.

Okay here is what you are really here for, pretty pictures. enjoy!

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