Thursday, June 25, 2009

He's smashin' it up now!!!

Look out! Superback is on the loose! This time the grid iron Goliath leaps into frame, lands in his signature 3 point stance and then executes three punishingly perfect blocks off the line! Don't miss this terror of the turf in action! He is fired up and ready to make pancakes out of any one who steps up! The only opponent Superback likes are the FLAT ONES!!! It plays twice in case you miss it the first time!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Super-quick SuperBack post

New Superback animation! he's running and gunning folks... still rough, I know, but he'll get there!


True story!

This happened to me once... I totally freaked out, but it's okay. The whole experience allowed me to make this animated documentary as a way of coping, and making peace with the most horrific moments of my life, ala "Waltz with Bashir." I now share those moments with you... this is "crazy squid guy"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In my last post I related my obsession with this character, The Mighty SUPERBACK! Today, I want to give a few words and thoughts to the fuel of the obsession, that is, not the character himself, but the ability he gives me to express and relive in the most self satisfying way, the level of smelly, dirty, sweaty, power and exhaustion that came with suiting up in the very same sort of armor... gripping the dark turf, bent and poised like the drawn hammer of a gun. Waiting to unleash the terrible noise and fury of the strife that forged our very existence! Colliding with ourselves over the very earth that we all must share, expending valuable life force over mere yards, feet, inches! Experiences fast and fleeting, yet so profound I will seek the means to relate them for the rest of my life... While glorifying ritual violence is our national past time, expressing these feelings of fear and determination, is what truly makes me free. Expression.

Enjoy the pic


Friday, June 12, 2009

It's my obsession

I can't help but be obsessed with this character... These sketches are from last year some time, so I thought I would post them up. On second viewing, they seem to capture elements of Superback that I hope to retain as his development progresses... They are good reminders of things I want to incorporate. Although his model has changed since these drawings were executed, I believe they help inform what he should be and that developing a good character is a constant evolution. Till next time!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Any one who's keeping an eye out...

Here's a new post!!! Ta da! See? It didn't take me another six months to post something. let's see if I have a good picture to show today... Here's some stuff!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

some quick sketches of our old Pad Wearin' Protagonist!!!

For me this is what it is all about... ACTION, smashing, crashing in your face, kinetic, frenetic... ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats all for tonight.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Working is Good

Just wanted to put up a quick post mentioning a few things going on in my life. Item one, I am on the Facebook. Item 2, I saw "Up","drag me to Hell" and "High Fidelity" all on the same day! Item 3 I am working hard and having a great time, I just finished off a silly little animation of a pig pooping money for its only three
that site was set up by my girl friend's brother, who is currently in New york city getting ready to shoot his indie motion picture this summer.
Item 4, I want to do more with Superback... but I find it hard to get to the writing, which I feel is important to nail down before I start drawing it. I also want to do more Superback animation but have not really had the time I would need to make it stellar!!
Item 5, I feel I need to make more money as my talents have increased I am finding myself unable to accomplish the volumes of work I would like to be doing without assistance and that requires capital... I need to figure this out but I am sure I will. I'm creative after all! Da cartoons has been in desperate need of attention and I wish we had been better equipped to update and produce animation on a constant basis over the last two years but our commitment to quality and lack of funding makes it nearly impossible to do anything but let the site sit... for now.
Item 6, I don't know I am rambling but I do want to try to get a video game off the ground more on this later.

Okay here is what you are really here for, pretty pictures. enjoy!