Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In my last post I related my obsession with this character, The Mighty SUPERBACK! Today, I want to give a few words and thoughts to the fuel of the obsession, that is, not the character himself, but the ability he gives me to express and relive in the most self satisfying way, the level of smelly, dirty, sweaty, power and exhaustion that came with suiting up in the very same sort of armor... gripping the dark turf, bent and poised like the drawn hammer of a gun. Waiting to unleash the terrible noise and fury of the strife that forged our very existence! Colliding with ourselves over the very earth that we all must share, expending valuable life force over mere yards, feet, inches! Experiences fast and fleeting, yet so profound I will seek the means to relate them for the rest of my life... While glorifying ritual violence is our national past time, expressing these feelings of fear and determination, is what truly makes me free. Expression.

Enjoy the pic



Emily said...

That's definitely my favorite Superback drawing you've ever done. Wow!!! I love the colors too.

Emily said...

I think I like the cartoony proportions, and extreme posing.