Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting ready for Comic Con

Hey all. I finished Sassybax cartoon last week and turned it in Monday we found out that the client loved it so I'm at 100% so far for satisfied customers of my animation. I made some funny shorts for my girlfriend, Emily Brundige, on our anniversary. she is a terrific young artist with an awesome Blog of her own (I think I am linked to it somewhere on this page... help!) She is going to Cal arts to get a masters degree in experimental animation... which is ultra cool and her Brother is in New york shooting his independent film, right now! also undeniably cool! Meanwhile the day after tomorrow will see the first printed copies of Age of Insects Book 4 finally fall into my hot little hands. about time! I am kicking into high gear going into comic con. We will be pushing AOI real hard (now that we have completed the whole story!) and after that I am going to be seeing to the completion of the GAX (SMC's animation club) animated project for submission in the FOX ani boom contest. Concurrently I will be trying to develop My other super secret awesome projects (there's two of them) and looking to take on more work and I have to keep working on SUPERBACK for a possible APE Expo release... wow, I'm busy. watch the cartoon now!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Up Close, and Personal

Been super busy with an animated commercial the past 8 days or so but I wanted to get a shot up of he who is our favorite tacklin' terror... Superback! It occurred to me that I never draw him in close up. That is because he mostly doesn't have a face... Superback is just a Helmet with 2 red eyes peering out from between the bars of a simple yet foreboding face-mask. Lately I have been drawing the bridge of his nose to give him some facial structure, especially in three quarter view. I would love to know what all two of you reading this think!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Superback! ba-by!

Super quick, Superback post. Didn't want to go to long without posting. More to follow, and more often, too. (Hopefully.)