Friday, August 14, 2009

Super Heroes!!

Using today's blog as an opportunity to throw up some shots of a few of my favorite Super Heroes, right out of the MARVEL COMICS that the kids read these days.
First up is a friendly neighborhood wall-crawler I did for my friend Aries at HiDe Ho comics in Santa Monica.

Then we have the Star spangled Avenger CAPTAIN AMERICA dodging a V-2 Nazi Missile attack and preparing to huck his mighty shield at something. I went cartoon-y on this one and put it on My pal Rafael Navarro's Facebook wall. Raf was collecting Cap drawings at San-Diego Comic Con. So I thought I would send this one along... Just to add to that collection!

Jade Jaws here, aka THE INCREDIBLE HULK, was sketched tonight just for yours truly... He's always been and will always be the comic book character I like the mostest of all. What's not to like about him? He's big, green (environmentally friendly? I don't think so,) he speaks in the third person, and he almost always causes untold mayhem while (just happening to be) saving the day. He's the greatest. this sketch is a little homage... if you click on it I think it gets bigger.(that's what she said...Sorry...)

But I can't give you all this great Super Hero art without including at least one sketch of the Super Hero you all came to see...
That's right! SUPERBACK baby!!!!
This was done with a china marker or something I had lying around and I wanted the paper to have a dirty texture.
He may not be a Marvel character but he may some day have a crossover... Where he'll thump on the Thing, deck Daredevil, and wallop Wolverine!
who knows he might even give the Green Goliath a run for his... purple trousers?

That's it for tonight True Believers, but look out for the next indigestion inducing installment... till then

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Emily said...

These are really good!

Um...So if I "click" on your penis, it will get bigger? Okay...

Emily said...

Oh, click...I get it now.

I just don't like referring to any part of the vagina as getting "bigger." It sounds nasty. I hope you baby niece doesn't read your blog comments.