Friday, August 29, 2008

Words of Encouragement

Been a whirlwind Summer and I have been super busy with the release of Age Of Insects Book three, San Diego Comic Con 2008 and most currently trying to push out the pages for Age Of Insects Book four. In spite of this hectic schedule I have managed to complete my script for Superback Issue one, I have even done thumbnail layouts for 20 pages of what will likely be a 24 or 28 page book... depending on how long I "draw out" the fight scene. (That was a bad pun, I apologize.)Above is a very rough thumbnail of Superback in action. It was originally drawn at 2.75"inches x4.25"inches! Pretty small!!

Also... I found a Blog called the Spirit of Jake Plummer which had a post that dated back to Last November and it was all about a comic book super hero/Football dream team where they placed well known Super Heroes into the different Football team positions based on the four color icon's fictional attributes... it was quite fun and the ensuing conversation and enthusiasm for the football/comic book idea was really quite encouraging to me as a creator and football/ superhero fan. here is the post.

So my quest to self publish my own Super hero Football Player soldiers on. Check back for more news on the progress of this soon to be grid iron comic book football phenomenon!!!

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