Monday, April 7, 2008

Super Update

Sunday, the Ventura County Star printed a piece on The Age of Insects! We got mentioned on Heidi Macdonald's blog for the article, and then David Seidman (artist) invited us to a Los Angeles comic industry dinner... What else?
I re-wrote the script to Superback Issue 1, and my computer is acting all jenky (unrelated). Also, there is a contest to be a character in the Age of Insects book that everyone needs to compete in on Age of ( I am real busy but I am happily working on the various projects I am involved in. For those of you who don't know, last June I premiered a website with my two partners, Dave and Fouad, called Da ( Check it out if you haven't yet. We are working up some fun cartoons based on these and other characters--so watch out world!
My girlfriend Emily Brundige has a cool new art blog. It's at: She always finds out interesting stuff about animation and posts her own cool art work! She's awesome! We attend the Animation Academy together Tuesday nights, and we are learning Character Design from the very accomplished Charles Zembillas.
I also draw a comic strip for the golf blog, I do this strip weekly for Mr. Jerome Green, who always has a funny insight about life, society and politics. Whew... I sure wrote a lot this time, and there is much more on the horizon for me so... Clear the tracks there is a freight train a comin!!!

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